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This website is a point of entry for Shareholders to access their Members Accounts and manage their assets.

The menu from this site links users to each corporate asset the company has acquired and manages.

At the end of 2021 Hop2it can be seen as an international group of companies incorporated in regions where we have invested corporate interests and assets.

From a Singapore base we operate an Australian management company overseeing a number of assets there including Papau New Guinea and other countriesin in Asia.

We Manage Assets in Specific Business Sectors

Our company specializes in acquiring and redeveloping distressed assets and then managing the assets ongoing business to an exit strategy.

The Green Sector

Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd currently managed the Good Food Addict Pty Ltd and Murrumbooee brands for human food, supplement and fertilizer manufacture.

Mining & Resources

We specialize in Gold, Arsenic, Kaolin, and Oil Shale Mining in Australia. We are currently involved in developing EMP’s and MDL’s in South East and north west  Queensland.

Renewable Energy

Hop2it relies on Information Technology and acquired a significant interest in a rare earth magnet powered electricity generator called Magno Energy.

Our Business Assets

Investmentment Opportunities

Hop2it has investors and shareholders in 20 countries. Investors can acquire shares in a number of direct companies we operate or Hop2it directly which has benefits from all company assets.


Australian Mining Interests

Since 2019 Hop2it Australasia has been workimg in the acquisition and merger of a number of mining projects in Queensland, Australia. From Gold, to Kaolin, Oil Shale and extractive quarry products.

Green Grow Ventures

Food, Fodder & Fertilizer

Hop2it acquired intelectual property in the CBD, food, wellness and liquid fertilizer businesses. The company now manages assets in these sectors and is developing global wholesale and retail markets.


Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry has expanded since COP26. We manage R&D assets and IP for electricity generation technology developed in Australia capable of worldwide sales.

Our Structure

International Business

Our business ventures are primarily located in Australasia and Pacifica. Hop2it operates a holding company in Sigapore and operational companies in Australia.


Portfolio Management

Hop2it Holdings Pte Ltd, our Singapore-based company, provides a vehicle for us to manage and govern any business venture interests we operate anywhere in the world. Singapore provides us with a solid financial and tax border to operate from.


Risk Management

We mitigate risk, buy controlling substantial equity, and management in local limited liability companies that trade the venture into revenue and profits for the betterment of our Hop2it shareholders that participate on a venture-by-venture basis.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Any merger or acquisition of any venture into Hop2it’s business venture holdings is conducted by way of professional feasibility studies, due diligence, legal and accounting advice, plus our own abilities and experience.

Some Fequently Asked Questions

Where is Hop2it based?

Hop2it has corporate representation globally. In 2018 Hop2its Hong Kong company was closed due to civil unrest in Hong Kong. Hop2it has a US office in Delaware and opened a new company in Singapore in 2020 to complement its Australian trading company office which oversees resource projects there. Hop2it has a strategic spine with Australia covering Pacific Oceania a Zone, Singapore covering Asia, and America Covering the Northern Hemisphere.

What does Hop2it do in Singapore?

As you know Hop2it’s Hong Kong company and banking facilities were closed with the Hong Kong Civil Unrest. Our Singapore company Hop2it Holdings Pte Ltd was opened in 2020 to provide a holding company to manage the Group’s asset investment and business portfolios. We operate a modest office infrastructure in Singapore with a local Director and banking facility.

What does Hop2it do in Australia?

After the close of Hop2it’s Hong Kong company in 2018, a new company was incorporated, Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd in 2020. This company manages our Australian Resource and Green sector projects in the area of Gold and Arsenic mining, Kaolin and Oil Shale Mining, and our longstanding investments in Human Food, Wellness, and Horticulture.  Hop2it Australasia also manages our partners Good Food Addict Pty Ltd trading as the brand Murrumbooee and Australian Liquid Fertilizer Pty Ltd.

How does shareholding or invested membership in Hop2it work?

Hop2it has collected a number of synergistic business projects, from start-ups to fully appraised and operational resource mining operations. Since 2012, Hop2it has attracted a number of like-minded people who have an interest in one or many of the business ventures that Hop2it is involved within. Hop2it commenced its Invested Memberships with people interested in the export of high-quality Infant Formula to China and our business venture portfolio has grown ever since. For Invested  Members or Passive Investment in a substantial Asset, Portfolio, join Hop2it and are provided with an Online Account. They may participate in any of the Hop2it Ventures as Investors and obtain Shares in that venture pursuant to the corporations’ laws of the country where we operate the business venture. As an Invested Active Member there is the opportunity to be an ambassador for the company to introduce sales or introduce like-minded associates with indexed success fees paid accordingly. Join up to learn more about our company’s many opportunities.

How do Investors or Invested Members participate ?

A Hop2it Member is an Investor as a  Shareholder in either the Hop2it company directly or one of the Hop2it Ventures directly the rights and returns are the same as a passive investor. The only difference being that an invested member has opted to take up the opportunity to sell hop2it products for a commission under the guidelines, These products are manufactured by hop2it companies in the green sector, health, and well-being, or products from our mining sector. There is also the opportunity to refer other like-minded investors to participate with referral fees associated with this activity. The Invested Member receives remuneration on a results basis as well as the same returns for their invested shareholding as a passive investor. In growing their own wealth they are also growing our company which they are a shareholder of, so it’s a double win for that active invested member.

Passive investors enjoy the same dividends from the distribution of company profits as well as the share value growth as the company and subsidiary companies grow as a collective.

Is Hop2it a Managed Investment Scheme?

Hop2it is NOT an investment scheme of any kind. Our company merges with and or acquires business ventures which are synergistic with our skills and interests. Hop2it raises capital within individual business Ventures pursuant to any local corporation laws where the venture is incorporated. Members are open to participating in individual investments in said Ventures and of course, Members can participate in the capital raising for Hop2it by the purchase of Shares directly in our Hop2it holding company.



Get In Touch

If you have any questions about any of our business ventures of Hop2it Membership, please contact us below and our Member Support Team will be glad to reply and assist you.

Hop2it Global Ventures

To learn more about our global business ventures and if you would like to participate as an Investor or in our Membership Program, navigate around this site and learn more, or contact us online by dropping us an email inquiry.