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Caring for our global environment is good for us all and good for business. Carbon Farming offers many benefits to landholders including a diversified income while supporting industry at large with carbon offsets. Hop2it Australasia is a leader in Carbon Abatement Projects across Asia Pacific. At Hop2it we are not only focused on preservation, we are also focused on the benefits of Carbon Abatement Projects on the ecology.

2030 Compliance

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC) has set 2030 as the Climate Change deadline for gas emissions to be halved and reach net zero by 2050.

Carbon Abatement

The emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane is reported to be responsible for raising global temperatures and exacerbating the effects of climate change.

2050 Zero Emissions

Net zero is the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. We reach net zero by 2050, when the amount we add is no more than the amount reduced.

Ready to Create Revenue by Harvesting Carbon Credits?

Australian FAQs

1. What is the range of payments for vegetation based Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), and how does that work?

Vegetation credits depend on density of the vegetation. For instance, remnant eucalypt forests can sequester up to 80 tonnes of CO2 per hectare as published by the Australian Federal Government. Perennial grasslands sequestration rate is approximately 5 tonnes of CO2 per hectare.

2. How often are the payments made for ACCUs?

Payments can be contracted yearly and are made annually upon renewal of Contracts, all of which Hop2it handles on your behalf as the Authorised Agent with the Emissions Reduction Regulator.

3. How many years does the payments and registration last?

Effectively, the life of the commitment period of 25 years. The contract for carbon novation with Hop2it is renewable until 2050. Hop2it will hold the wholesale price of USD$20.00 for the first two (2) years with a formula for international sales that Hop2it manages throughout its network.

4. What details or requirements are necessary for the deployment of your vegetation mapping team?

When a Property Owner is contracted with Hop2it for the Carbon Abatement Program, we provide a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice for permission before anyone is deployed to the property for CO2 Mapping purposes.

5. How long will it take to commence earning revenue from the sale of ACCUs from the property after signing a contract with Hop2it?

The Property Owner should allow for 60 days to map and finalise the reports for submission to the Australian Government. The Clean Energy Regulator mandates a maximum timeline of 90 days to register a Carbon Project following a compliant submitted audit report.
The Property Owner should allow 30 days for Hop2it’s placement to the carbon buyer. Once a sale has been made by Hop2it as your Agent either through auction or direct sale to end-users, payments and the audit report are transferred to the Property Owner within 3 business days following deposit. The Property Owner should allow approximately 180 days to receive their first Carbon Credit Unit returns from sales.

6. Are there hidden costs to the Property Owner after signing a Contract with Hop2it?

No, all costs and disbursements are included in the initial setup fee plus 20% of revenue from Carbon Credit Units sales. Hop2it’s Contract Maintenance includes CO2 contract development, audits, ACCU sales and ongoing liaison with the Clean Energy Regulator.
Where a Property Owner wishes to participate in the creation of new ACCUs through the development of plantations of suitable carbon sequestering trees on their land, then pursuant to the Hop2it Carbon Abatement Partner Program, the new ACCU would be priced and quoted on a mutually agreeable case-by-case planting plan business model. Property Owners are not obligated to participate in a planting plan to increase Carbon Credit production and agreements may be terminated by either party as contracted.

7. Are payments for Carbon Credit Sales taxable?

Like any income derived from the Property Owner’s land, sales of Carbon Credit Units are treated like revenue and declared in the property’s normal Taxation Returns as income.

8. Does signing up to a Carbon Abatement Partner Program relinquish any title or operating power over their land?

Not at all. The Property Owner and Hop2it’s partnership is for Carbon Abatement with no cross over whatsoever between the Property Owner’s independent business interests and Hop2it. The Property Owner can withdraw from the program at any time without penalty and upon termination by either Party, under the federal legislation, ACCUs will be cancelled.

9. Can the Property Owner withdraw from the Carbon Abatement Program and Agreement?

Yes, after initial consultation and interest expressed in proceeding, the Property Owner will complete Hop2it’s Enquiry Form, the details of which will be entered into a Hop2it Carbon Procurement Agreement. This agreement provides for Hop2it to act as the project proponent / participant to the Clean Energy Regulator in the preparation and submission of Carbon Abatement Contracts / declarations for the Property Owner’s land.
The purpose of this Agreement and subsequent Agreement is to create additional income for the Property Owner through the sale of ACCUs. Hop2it, as your project participant, shares in these sales by way of 20% ACCUs after an initial set-up fee. Like any commercial agreement, it can be terminated with 30 days’ notice by either party.

10. Is the information provided by the Property Owner treated with confidentiality?

Hop2it management have been working in the Carbon Abatement Industry since 1997 and through the last decade when the Gillard Government cancelled all Carbon Programs. Since 2012, Hop2it divested its time into the development of Carbon Certificate validation, sale, payment and delivery information systems over the Blockchain. In the last quarter of 2021, the COP 26 Conference in Glasgow Scotland, saw 135 countries re-sign to an Emissions Reduction Plan that they hope will see engagement by rural and other industries by 2030 with a projected zero emissions target by 2050.
Hop2it’s Agreement with Property Owners forms a mutually confidential joint venture relationship, where the Property Owner runs their business and Hop2it acts as a carbon project proponent / participant to the Clean Energy Regulator and provides consultancy through the use of its intellectual property to assist the Parties to produce Australian Carbon Credit Units for sale.
All or any information pertaining to the mapping of the Property Owner’s land, or any other sensitive business information provided for this purpose, remains 100% confidential under agreement. This also includes any intellectual property that Hop2it will provide the Property Owner about its Carbon Abatement activities, as well as the processes involved with our industry.

Hop2it Australasia

Hop2it is an international group of companies with offices and staff in Australia, Papua New Guinea and, Fiji. We provide holistic solutions to reduce our clients carbon footprints, while ensuring that our Clients Carbon Abatement Project complies with regional governnace proovided by the government of the country we operate within.

Domestic Offsets

Hop2it provides holistic solutions for landowners to create new revenue by farming and harvesting Carbon Credit Units across Asia Pacific derived from abatement projects we manage. CCUs are traded globally and sold to customers wishing offset their domestic carbon footprint which we all contribute to.

Industrial Offsets

We are partnered with one of the largest Japanese Lithium Battery companies in the world. We create carbon credit units to offset the mining and manufacture of such renewable products which can be leased or sold through the life of each deep cycle battery, a WIN, WIN process for landowners and industry.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Hop2it is partnered with Landowners and Renewable Industry leaders across Asia Pacific. Make us your Carbon Farming Partner today! Its your property, and your decision to add carbon farming will see you paid for environmental practices which support domestic and industrial carbon offsets through your harvesting of carbon credit units which we will assist to develop and manage over the life of the project.

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