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Hop2it management have been working in the Carbon Abatement Industry since 1997 and through the last decade when the Gillard Government cancelled all Carbon Programs. Since 2012, Hop2it divested its time into the development of Carbon Certificate validation, sale, payment and delivery Smart Contract information systems over the Blockchain.

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Develop a Diverse Green Income

The Global Carbon Industry

“Going green” means to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

Hop2it is a partner with Magno Energy which has undertaken years of research and development on Radiant Sustainable Energy Systems (RSES) and manufactures unique radiant energy generators that offer panel-less solar power. This exciting technology originally thought of in the 1800s has been developed to a commercial standard with added intellectual property and with trademarks already applied and a new Patient Pending being crafted.


Hop2it Carbon Solutions

Deforestration Avoidance

Land clearing remains a critical challenge for environmental managers around the globe. Rural and industrial land clearing has long been identified as a primary cause of biodiversity loss.

Landholder Afforestation

Afforestation is the conversion of abandoned and degraded agricultural lands into forests, while reforestation is the replantation of trees in deforested land.

Human Induced Carbon

There is overwhelming evidence that human activities, especially burning fossil fuels, are leading to increased levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Carbon Projects Under Management
Countries in Operation
Carbon Credits in Progress
Land Setup Fees

Hop2it’s Carbon Abatement Overview

Our company currently operates in seven (7) countries in Australasia. We have office and staff infrastructure in each to manage Carbon Abatement Projects working directly with Landowners and local governments.

Since COP26 from which 135 countries signed to become emissions compliant by 2030, and target zero emissions by 2050, we have accumulated a significant number of Carbon Projects which have a large number of Carbon Credit Units to be farmed from our projections from this work in progress. We look forward to partnering with you on your next Carbon Project.

Hop2it Can Assist You With Your Carbon Projects

Hop2it is building partnerships across Australasia with Agricultural businesses, Farmers and industry. The Hop2it Partnering Program is the most advanced Carbon Trading initiative in the market place and we look forward to taking your inquiry and assisting you to create a new diverse green income into the future.

Why Choose Hop2it?

Why Landowners Choose Hop2it As Their Carbon Project Partner.

Government Compliance

Highest level of diligence and site investigation and value add methods of registration of options to increase carbon credit yields

Longstanding Experience

Management experience since 1997. Higher Carbon Credit Unit prices to the Landowner via our Singapore global digital exchange.

Latest Mapping Technology

Latest technology in Lidar 3-dimensional green tonnage mapping to increase yield by accuracy of actual vegetation measurements

Project Management

High Level Technical Project Management To Maximise Carbon Credit Unit Returns

Go Green For A Cleaner, Brighter & Financially Secure Future

Select Hop2it As Your Carbon Partner

With over 700 climate action projects around the world, the South Pole has the largest offset program portfolio. Let Hop2it evaluate your Carbon Credit Unit Farming capabilities on your land.

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