Hop2it Carbon Credit Farming

Hop2it is partnered with Landowners who are interested in reforesting previously cleared farming land with permanent environmental plantings which can potentially earn ongoing new revenue from the sale of carbon credits derived from the carbon stored in the trees and litter on their land.

Reforesting cleared farming land with native species can potentially create a “farming” process to earn carbon credits for the carbon stored in the trees, soil and litter. Trees planted in blocks or belts can integrate with other agricultural activities.

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Carbon benefits through the trading of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) with other Australian businesses with compliance obligations or that plan to offset their carbon emissions voluntarily.

Co-benefits of permanent environmental plantings include:

  • reduced recharge on areas at risk from rising water tables
  • improved shelter for livestock, especially lambing ewes, off-shears sheep, and lambs
  • reduced wind and water erosion
  • reduced chemical spray drift
  • enhanced biodiversity benefits through providing habitat.

Hop2it provides an opportunity for Landowners to revegetate marginal or unproductive lands using native and other species advised and supplied by Hop2it.


Carbon Farming refers to agricultural methods that enhance the uptake and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) in soil. CO2 is first absorbed from the air by plants, via photosynthesis.