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Hop2it Holdings Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company which is an equity partner with the 3DOM Group. 3DOM Singapore is responsible for production and supply of lithium-ion batteries developed in Japan by parent company 3DOM Alliance Inc. for use in mobility and energy storage applications. 3DOM propose circular business models that take advantage of their renewable energy batteries’ unique characteristics to increase the sustainability of electrification.

Hop2it operates local subsidiaries in Queensland Australia, Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd ACN 632 727 112, with Hop2it Carbon Abatement Project management offices in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea, and Suva the capital of Fiji. Hop2it is strategically placed to support local Carbon Abatement Projects across Asia Pacific emerging into a greener future.

The Hop2it Carbon Partnering program and business offering is the most advanced Carbon Trading initiative in the market place. From digital blockchain carbon credit tracking to LiDAR Vegetation Mapping.

Hop2it Partner Programs develop long-term relationships through planning and CO2 abatement strategies which sees your investment in your prime asset being the land protected and enhanced.

From a strategic move to carbon neutrality to the development of a new financial Carbon Harvesting capability, Hop2it is there with you for the long-haul. With your initial investment providing membership and participation in the larger Hop2it international Carbon Sequestration business, you are adding significant value in every transaction from the initial set up cost. Like your commitment to the land, we are here with you for long-haul, to help build your new carbon assets and compliance.

Lets build a Carbon Neutral Future together….

Australian Projects

From a Queensland Australia base, Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd manages Australian Carbon Abatement Projects to create ACCUs.

Papua New Guinea Projects

Rainforests cover 28.2 million hectares of Papua New Guinea and comprise 80% of the forest estate. Hop2it has contracted to deliver over 5 million hectares of Carbon Abatement projects across 40 local umbrella land owner corporations, representing up to 1,000 individual land owner groups.

Asia Pacific Focus

From our Australian office we oversee carbon offset projects both in Papua New Guinea and in Fiji where we are partnered with the Kookai Group.

We are involved in setting up projects to preserve the 55.5% or about 1,014,000 ha of Fiji which is forested land. 44.3% (or 449,000 ha) is classified as primary forest, the most biodiverse and carbon-dense form of forest, and Fiji has 177,000 ha of planted forest.

Since COP 26 in Scotland in 2021 we have made significant inroads into the Asia Pacific region where we are focused. Hop2it is part of a delegation going to COP27 in Egypt in November 2022 which will further enhance our local associations with governments in our region.

“Our journey into carbon abatement commenced in 1997 with carbon credit validation, exchange and payment software development in the United States. Hop2it has used its longstanding experience, intellectual property and latest vegetation mapping technology, to gain a strategic presence in Asia Pacific. Hop2it has created employment by recruiting and training local staff to support projects on their land, in their countries. We are proud to support our partners and create localised wealth and family security while significantly contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions produced by industry in our region.”

Gregory P.E. Hannan

Group Chairman, Hop2it Holdings Pte Ltd

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

By preventing the clearing of native vegetation and the felling of trees for lumber which prevents carbon abatement, we provide project management with local landowners to manage and generate new income from the farming of regional carbon credit units.

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